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Thanksgiving is a family gathering for more than just my family. This time of the year is when the family gathers for a big feast to celebrate the past year. This holiday is based on what occurred in 1621 with the harvest that was shared with the English colonists (Silverman, 2020). Thanksgiving reflects my identity because when I was younger, I was practicing Christianity as my religion. My family would all gather at my grandmother’s house for the day. People came from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and Chicago to gather for this feast. Each member would contribute a dish to the dinner to distribute the baking and cooking.

Photo Credit: This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

The meal that we had was a traditional dinner with some added dishes to accommodate anyone who could not eat any kind of milk. In a way, it was both traditional and a modern dinner. Before or after receiving dinner (depending on how many people showed up,) we would say grace before consuming the meal that had been put before us in this house with all our family and friends.


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